Why I Write

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 14:29 -- Lola

I keep alot of thoughts within myself.
Whenever it became too much to hold in they spewed out themselves. Words with power of their own. Prisoners inside my mind, it was not their home.
Talking leads to frustration.
I need to deal with what I’m dealing with first.
If I’m confused about my thoughts, I don’t make sense when I talk. Since I’ve started writing I haven’t stopped.
When I kind of fall off, i get right back up.
Writing without thinking I thought it was impossible.
Until I let myself get vulnerable. Until I was touched by the most powerful spirit: God himself.
He Spoke to me through the words of a song about myself.
Writing has done so much for me.
It is a part of who i am, who i am to be.
It allows me to be free.
Free from holding so much inside me.
So when I get a string of words inside my head, my hunger to write must be fed.



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