Why I Write

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 11:16 -- kanaju


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I reread the rules.I get it now.And my message,You'll get it now.Why I write poetry?To tell you how,How I think, feel, and how,And how I'm different now. Wait a second.I just re-reread the rules.It's what poetry means to me?Cool.I'll restart here then. Being only my second poem one might think that poetry can't mean anything meaningful to me yet.But it does.It has surprised me.It's not what I thought it was.When I was young the rhythm of a poem could carry me.It still can.But I'm no longer a child (in age),I'm a man.And as a man I sometimes feel the need to hold it in.Which I can.But sometimes I feel the need to let it out.So now I write poetry. I don't have a message.Some deeper meaning behind my words.In fact some are just there to rhyme,Even if I sound absurd.My rhythm too has been known to quiver.Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold.I shiver.Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's not.It's been known to whither.But I'm off topic now.Let me get back to telling you what poetry means to me.I mean why I write. I write because it's fun!I just love the feelingOf when my poem is done.


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