Wild Blue Yonder


United States
42° 19' 46.5456" N, 83° 42' 33.4296" W

I lived for the days of the wild blue yonder
When hours were spent just to sit and to ponder
Moments would pass, and soon hours, and days
But frozen in time I sat lost in mid-May.
And the life all around me continued to grow, but I sat in the daisies all covered in snow
As the seasons congealed, all awareness concealed, in my wild blue yonder alone in the field.

I lived for the days of the wild blue yonder
When the skies struck me silly as I wondered and wandered
Not lonely, or sad, or happy, or mad
All I need is my thoughts and the times that I've had.
And the silence rang out as the stillness consumed,
It thundered and pounded, and deafness ensued
Until morning when came up the light of the moon, the moon didn't leave me ‘til midnight of noon.

The kids on the farm nestled over the hill grew older and married, even young Jill.
I watched them come visit whenever they grew ill, or they’d come home for dinner and cookies at will.
So I said to my shadow, “How are you, good gent?”
But he growled and rolled over, ‘cause his heart is cement.
So I smiled and waved as he came and he went
In the wild blue yonder my time is well spent.

In the wild blue yonder there’s no one but me
Emptied of thought, thinking hard as can be.
Mind is erasing, my pounding heart racing
And suddenly I start to see.

In the wild blue yonder I started to doubt if aloneness is really what life is about.
So I stood to my feet and I danced to the beat
And discovered that I wanted out.
So I turned to my daisies to bid them farewell
I’ll always remember how wondrous they smell.
To all who I meet and to all that I tell,
The wild blue yonder, I belong there as well.


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