Will You Blame the Devil of the Poet?

Can you blame the Devil for trickery?

Then blame God for falling to his whims?


Can you blame the Deceitful for lying?

Or the Poet for turning the lie into a beautiful masterpiece?


This is why I take my pen and lash at this paper

Destroying it, tearing flesh, and inscribing words into its being

With strokes of sorrow, false pride, and a sense of anger that incases my mind and leaves me terminally ill

I do this so I can tell you so many sweet sweet lies

So you cannot see the full horrid truth that dwells around us in a mist


… Although I will allow you to glimpse inside the truth

And all you have to do is let your eyes roam these pages


For you see…

My body no longer contains my full self

I divided it so you could be with me…

Even though I do not know you

I have wrote to you since third grade


My first lie a story of a princess in love

Did you read it? I still have it tucked away if you wish to


And if you do will you blame the Devil of the Poet for such a beautiful lie?


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