Torn from every direction there is nothing left.

I’m vulnerable weak and terrified,

My confidence is just an illusion.

Each day I have dug myself in a deeper hole,

Of which there is no out.

Words cuts me like knives straight to my soul.

I’m surrounded yet completely alone.

The hardest lesson of them all, I have learned:

No one will ever care about you, you are in it for yourself,

My biggest bully lurks in my shadow,

And confronts me with a single glance in a mirror.

I am hopeless, and hate myself everyday for I will never be what I want.

Engulfed by the shadows I cry for I’m “heartless and cold”.

I distance myself from the pain but it will never go away.

Life has become too pointless and too painful to want to continue,

The last tear that falls from my face will dissipate with my last breath.

Goodbye life for you have brought me nothing but missery.




I feel many people never look at how many teens suffer from depression, I want this to almost be a slap in the face of how they may not look like it but it doesnt mean they arent suffering from it.

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