Wordless Poems


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Words are POWERFUL.

You can do a lot with words. Probably more than you think. Words can uplift, words can bring down. Words rule the world. Words rule my world. For a long time I’ve let words rule my world, but as I grow up my feelings change. I hate when my feelings change. But it’s something I can’t avoid. Nobody can. Feelings will always change, whether we like it or not. Whether for the better or the worse, we can’t stop them from changing. Now back to words, Words can be what you want them to be. Words reflect upon a lot of things, from a person’s personality, to a society changing. Words have such an impact because you can do so much with them. More than we can imagine.

I would now like to mess with your mind.

Words mean nothing. Words have absolutely no effect to whether or not you are who you say you are. But who are you? All I know is a pretty name to match an absolutely beautiful heart. I don’t know a last name, a middle name, a favorite color, nothing. And you know nothing of me, So I hope. I don’t like it when people know things about me, unless I tell them. Because then words begin to have an impact. I have a very long life story. As do we all. Mind you, I don’t really tell anybody anything, because words can be taken as pleased, and When I speak, I want to get MY point across. Im a complex thinker, a real, real deep thinker. God has blessed me with that, and im proud of it. Im loud, because I cant keep my thoughts to myself. Its extremely hard, even though i hate words. The only thing that is mollifying towards my soul is music. Honestly. Too much Grief from words that werent said.

But words. Words mean nothing because Actions Speak Louder than Words. Completely. It’s what my father taught me and it’s what I live by. My father taught me a lot. But, he didn’t at the same time. Life coach and motivational speaker, you’d think somebody with accolades such as his would have a lot to share, but as a child I did more watching then I did speaking. Very open, but paid attention to a lot. And I’m still that same child. I just feel like I’m 28 in a 17 year olds body. Just saying…. Regardless of what’s going on; the truth can be seen in someone’s eyes, In their body language, in how they act. The truth is never hidden. Sometimes you can mistake something for what it’s not, and those moments are horrible.I blame how words are formed. But most moments in life are horrible, it’s just something you have to learn to deal with. It’s just something you have to learn how to move on from. Ill warn you now.. John Smith = Realistic Pessimist. The encumbrance of life is my specialty. I live in burdens. I live in sorrow, pain and sadness. I wish I didn’t, but I know its what God intended me to do, because with the spirit I have, learning experiences are all I need, And that’s all I continue to witness. I don’t have time to write this, but I can’t Not at least start to tell you how I feel about the worlds words. And you might not like me, or the words i speak, But hopefully we can start a close friendship, but, Ill warn you now. Im different. Im not like these suburban boys. I repeat it constantly. Im a man.. And I hope you see that. Because your eyes are something that make a difference in those days in which I am sad. When Words dont impact, is the day I lose track of who I am. For real, for real... AND I HAVE A LOT to say, and EVEN MORE to hear.…………. Don’t we all……..


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