Tue, 06/11/2013 - 21:09 -- CherryH


United States
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Tell me what to do
Tell me what to say
Shut my lips with glue
Ignore me everyday

Never able to act
Always hiding
Lying to hide the fact
That I feel unsatisfying

No voice to speak
No words to peep
Alone I'd cry
Wanting to die
But words written down
Gave me a sound
Gave me a voice
Gave me a choice

Expressing my feelings
Was hard at first
Slowly unsealing
My hidden curse

Showed me the light
No longer my fight
Made me take flight
To close in my sight

Finding a way
To speak my mind
Saves me each day
When people are unkind
Emotions written down
Became my story
Gave me a sound
To prevent it from becoming gory
Why do I write?
Someone may ask
It keeps me sane
A difficult task

Working hard
No longer barred
No longer scared
Not afraid to share
To show that I care
I defend myself too
But When I'm down
With a frown
I write
Should you


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