Words Never said

Meeting new people makes me anxious.

My hands fidget,

My eyes sweat.

Wait switch that around!

My thoughts aren’t straight,

Neither is my back.

My thoughts aren’t straight.

I already said that…

Forgive me, Let my heart beat slow.

Let my train of thought,

Catch up to my running mouth.

I’m sure I’ve got something worth saying;

Even if I can’t think of it right now.

I’ll probably come up with something witty

When I rerun this conversation in my head!

But I’ve learned if I’ve got nothing to say,

It’s best to stay silent instead.

I’m sure I’ll wake up 5 years from now

And remember everything I said wrong.

Feeling so embarrassed by what I’ve yet to say,

It’s hard to say anything at all.

I can’t help but think that isn’t right,

My thoughts should be heard;

Regardless of fright.

Though that’s easier said than done;

Not that I’d utter a sound.

Still I think,

And just a thought.

The words I string shouldn’t matter,

Only the string I’ve undone.

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