Dear World,


I know your reputation.

You’re big and rough and tough. 

You don’t do very many favors for people. 

You don’t give a damn about what happens to people.

You trip people and don’t help them back up. 

You’re a bully.

You take things away from people. 

You laugh when people fail. 

You pull people down when they get big. 

You’re rough and won’t back down from a fight.


But, World, I believe that there is something else underneath your reputation. 

Something almost kind.

Something that has been hidden for years. 

Something that wants to come out.

Something that could emerge.

I believe in you.

I believe that you have layers. 

I believe that we can peel those layers back.

I believe that we can treat you nicely

And I believe that you can do the same.


I wonder if we can change you.

If we worked hard enough, even for good.

I wonder if you ever wanted to be this way.

A shell of something that once was and could be.

Or if we pushed you to this.

With our war.

Our hate.

Our jealousy and anger.

Did you really want this?

Or are you just broken?


If I try hard enough, can I fix you?

Can I convince others to help me?

Will you actually change?

For good?

Will you try your hardest to be nice?

This is all I want.

I want you to be better.

I want everyone to enjoy you.

I want you to enjoy everyone.

After all, we are stuck with you, aren’t we?


With love and hope,

A girl who believes

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world