A World That Has Changed

The world is not the same
As it was long ago
It has gone through great change
And rightly so

Technology has evolved
And so has mankind
Yet, some have resolved
To stay left behind

They shout from the back
Hate words like "queer"
You must take solace in the fact
That one day, they'll disappear

Hiding behind the Bible
They spout their accusations
But why believe such libel
When religion has also gone through transformation

So accept your sisters and brothers
Because gay is not a crime
And those who believe we should not love one another
Will disappear in the sands of time


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

people should be treated with respect

sexual orientation doesn't determine or define a person

we are all equal

people need to understand overall that there is always a level of respect

important to address the issue of discrimination


Simple and poignant, beautiful poem. I like that this poem points out what is wrong, but has an overall feel that what is right will prevail.

centavia hooker

great! i loved it

Ebony Souls



Ebony Souls




Beautiful and so true.

Jan Wienen

Perception is everything ... interpretation based on love ...