To the World Im just


To the World Im just another Black Male, 

Everyone assumes I am going to fail, 

Troubled, violent, ghetto, stupid,  

In reality I'm undisputed, 

just another stereotype is how they see me,

What they don't know is I'm striving for a degree,

I'm more than just another statistic, 

I myself am very optimistic, 

If you look into my soul,

You will see who I am as a whole, 

Mentally I am very smart, 

Emotionally I never just stop I have so much heart, 

I never give up on anyone or anything, 

I will fight for what I stand for like Martin Luther King, 

Physically and mentally I am strong, 

I tend to prove those who doubt me wrong, 

People think I will sound ghetto,

But my educated words cut through the air like a sharp stiletto, 

before you judge me as just another Black Male, 

before you assume I am just going to fail,

before you look at my skin tone and judge me, 

hopefully you will see, 

who I truly am,

educated, determined, and ready to impact the World with a slam. 





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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