Writing is my life Savior

Whenever I am down     

when I can no longer take it anymore

 bad thoughts goes through my mind 

 sometimes I want my life to end already

but what would that take me

 I would only disapear

and would only have fellow loved ones suffer

along with me,


 in order for me to get rid of these bad thoughts 

I write.

I write out how I feel

how deeply in pain I feel

or just how I feel about my surroundings

 into words without doing any harm to anyone

nor to myself

I go into a world if my own

in which

it may not make any sense

but that is the point of it

it does not have to be

I never thought

that this would be a

hidden talent

that I had this entire time

who knows where it would

lead me


this is why I write

if I did not

who knows where I would be


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