Written in Words

Written in words are

what I'm unable to speak of 

comfortably, fluently, and freely.

Written in words are the unspoken

My whole life many thoughts have gone unspoken

It's wrong to believe that what isn't thrown out will be gone

and disappear.

It instead dwells inside the mind 

and soul, becoming a part that

is in you, your heart, your thoughts, your veins, and at its

root, your bones.

What is unspoken must be brought

out, what is unexpressed must be

acted upon.

In any type of dissonance of the 

body and mind it will find it's way through you back into the world

from which it came.

Whether spoken, sung, danced

and written

what is unexpressed will be expressed back out

one way or another. Let it out, or it will

Overgrow and break out.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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