Written World

Life is not fair, none are here with perfect air

We walk with our dreams in our hands, and our hearts on our sleeves,

Craving acceptance and love.


We wish for a world of our own.

A world where strange creatures fill the sky,

And the silence is the most deafening sound.


My spirit knows this world.  My mind creates its water and turf.

Paper and pen are the only powers I need.

I can write the world into a better existence.

I can change the world through the printed word.


My voice will be read world-wide.

My name will be remembered as the child who did something.

I won’t cage my imagination, my imagination will be free.


I will not be held down by the standards of this world.

I belong to a greater world and a higher purpose.

For this world and this goal I will write.


I will write to be an inspiration.

A beacon for all generations to see and learn they can do all.

They cannot be contained, their only containment it themselves.


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