Yes, We should be Hated


They say the way I raise my palms towards the sky in prayer is savagely,

I think the ignorance and lack of understanding is cowardly.

They say the way I lay this scarf on the hairs of my very head  is despicable,

I think the way you transform your body, hair, soul makes you miserable.

They say the way I call my friends "brothers" and "sisters" is atrocious,

But I say, the way you call war upon your own,

The way you disrespect humanity with hate,

Is something "my people" would not relate. 

So when you spit on the very streets we walk on,

Think to yourself, is it truly us you want gone?

When you take the very fruits of the earth to pawn?


They say, yes, We should be hated

For it is America we betrayed

I think maybe, maybe it was two of the same

But I'm tired, tired and exhausted of playing this game. 



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