Thu, 02/28/2019 - 23:50 -- vaneb95

I thought you were a part of me

Thinking you belonged in here

Then I realized I was just letting you be 

Not letting me be, tear after tear 


I thought you were a part of me 

You tried to manipulate my every move 

Restricted me, locked me up with your old key

My key was brand new, hiding on what it could prove 


I thought you were a part of me 

But not anymore, man this is my year

I will now show you the best version I can be 

I will destroy you with my success dear


You've been a lie, you are not a part of me

You don't control me now, I have made you disappear

I see my success, my success is what you see 

Get out, you are no longer my fear 

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love this <3

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