Dear you, 

Damn, you really don't see, thank God you don't see, the way I look at you,

no the way I admire.. you.. 

got me feeling like a fool, and that smile GEEEEEZ!

 The way your dimple makes an appearance each time you cheese, man it does something to me 

When you speak, I'm drawn, captivating me with your words and you don't say much, just a little touch,  so I yearn for the times whenever you decide to bless my ears with that voice 

I'm amused that you have become my muse 

I don't know what to do, when it comes to you

I try to not let it show, but I can't help it when everything intrigues me from your head down to your toes

Your deepest secrets, I inquire 

Your heart, I desire 

Forbidden fruit is what you are, the temptation is provoking, I'm sweating and when you're near.. I swear.. you can hear... every beat of my heart. This is new, maybe I need something new, and baby I think it's you 

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