You are merciful

Heavenly Father

i just want to say thank You for being such a merciful God

words are indescribable where my thoughts are establish 

You synchronize what i'm thinking without me saying anything

because You know where my heart lies

this is Your victory, therefore i am victorious

my student made a dummy move by portraying a false representation of someone he is not

he wanted to go back in the days and personify an 87 stick up kid

robbing a kid knifepoint in giving up his cell phone

he accomplish, but it's only temporary because the devil doesn't care about you

look what happens next

in return , cops became the stick up kids and robbed you of your freedom

you became a statistic all too familiar

a young black teen contrubtuing to be indicted in central bookings where dad didn't have bail money

you got a one way ticket

not to paradise in the island

but a different island call Rikers

no plane, but a bus that imprints nyc corrections for all those who are incarcerated

no where to go

you are a chihuahua locked up with bloodhounds

i know you were scare, people told you

smarten up or bad things will happen

sometimes in life, one must hit rock bottom to understand that the streets don't love you 

while devil continues to sucker other weak souls

God show mercy on because He loves you

you need to do right by Him

remember that He will never forsake you like me

i would not turn my back on you like the world

but you need to smarten up

know that you have people on your side

you're not alone

at the same time, don't make excuses for your shortcomings

like romans chapter 8 verse 35 states

who shall seperate us from the love of Christ?

shall trubulations, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

if you let the enemy come in between that

the seperation from the Higher Up will be so disconnected

phone lines in reaching you will not only be out of service

but out of touch when someone puts you out of your misery





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