You can come to me.


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You can come to me.

They all say that.

I’ll always be there.

They always leave.

Don’t be afraid to speak out.

I’m not afraid to, people just never listen.

If you don’t speak,

Who’ll ever hear?

If I speak, people turn away.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Tell me what to do.

You give,

And give,

But you never get.

That’s not the whole truth.

I take too.

You shouldn’t stay,

Look, he’s so much better for you.

He’ll treat you the way you need to be,

People change.

He’ll be there,

She never is.

She was there when I needed her most,

That’s the important part.

Name one time that she was.

1 am. My house,

Just to hold me while I cried,

Because he was dying before my eyes.

Tell me what you want.


Show me that you care.

I’ve tried.

We’ll make it through this.

I love you.

I love you too.

They’re all wrong.

You’re my world.

16 or 60,

I’ll never forget you,

I’ll never stop loving you.

Don’t leave—at least not tonight—

I need you.

The nightmares are back.

I’ll make them disappear.

I just want you to hold me.

It’s all just a lie,

She’s got you fooled,


Love is blind,

I know what I see.

I just choose to ignore things.

Don’t tell me that you’re considering staying!

Then I won’t, I’ll show you that I am.

We care about you.

You’ll always have me.

Sisters till the end.

She’s dead to me.

She doesn’t exist in my world.

Don’t talk to me about her,

Don’t talk to him,

Or any of them.

No one wants to hear about it.

We warned you.

You know what I think about it.

Yes, because you cease to tell me otherwise.

Do you need a hug?

No, I need them to stop,

To move on.

To stop acting 2,

To start acting like they promised.

You’ll always have someone to fall back on.

What about her?

What about her?

She’s beautiful.

She’s 12.

You’re just a little girl.

You’re just an older person.

She’ll break your heart one day, then what?

Then I’ll be happy, happy as long as she is.

That’s wrong. You shouldn’t be so attached.

It’s sad how all of you say the same.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Maybe it’s something you’re all just not seeing.

You’ll learn, the real world is a cruel thing.

Have you lived in my shoes?

Have you woken up and seen the world through my eyes?


Then don’t judge what I say,

Don’t add words,

Don’t take them away either.

You can come to me.

They all say that.

I’ll always be there.

They always leave.

Don’t be afraid to speak out.

I’m not afraid to,

People just never listen.


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