You can... but you can't sometimes


You can look
Or you can see
You can stand
Or you can flee
You can hide
Or you can protect
You can think
Or you can reflect
You can build
Or you can teach
You can sigh*
Or you can reach
You can smile
Or you can grin
You can lose
Or you can win
You can frown
Or you can cry
You can hum 
Or you can sing
You can forget
Or you can remember
You can chance 
Or you can choose
You can hate 
Or you can dislike
You can love
Or you can rise
But you can never erase the scars
you can not dissolve the fingerprints
you can not wish everything from stars
And you can not live off false hints
But the one thing you can never live without
is the feeling of love and being loved, no doubt.


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