" You paved the way, now it's my time to walk it"


United States
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"I have a dream" is what the late martin luther king j.r. spoke. We walk around holding that speech in our throat. Going to school seemed so lame, But I think about how it was for the one's who paved the way. laughing, joking, cursing, mugging, is not part of the dream. He wanted the young american to get an understanding at all means. Rosa Parks stood as a woman of intergrity, she didn't play when it came to her rights, which she paved for you and me. So now I am at a point in my life that it's time for me to make the decision. let not their blood, sweat, and tears be in vain. They wanted to see young adolecents like you and me, to live what they know God has called us to be. I will take their legacy and run as hard and fast as I can. I refuse to let the tar sit and just stand. Oh how happy they will be to know that the prophesices that they spoke will now come to past. They paved the way, it's my time at last.

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