Young In America


United States
34° 1' 46.2396" N, 118° 17' 5.352" W
United States
34° 1' 46.2396" N, 118° 17' 5.352" W


The summer night sky reaching as far as the eye can see.

Stars; spreading like wild fire, for the young and the free.

The city lights; sparkling, twinkling, and dancing 

Just like the juvenile, forever romancing. 

Music is what we base our beliefs on,

"Did you hear what they said in that song?"

Shaping and rearranging to pop culture.

Blending in and fading out with the trends.

Our lives, like handcrafted sculptures. 

Redoing and over doing.

Afraid to mess up, but too scared to back out.

Constantly confused, but shamelessly amused.

Laughing, crying, and shouting.

Sulking, fighting, and pouting.

July 4th; fireworks booming in our ears

as we hold on to our adolescent years.

We cherish these times, because they don't last long.

Soon we will be expected to be mature and strong.

But for now, our imaginations reach as wide as the pacific sea

and we stay young, in the land of the free. 


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