Your Word is "Flawless"

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 16:56 -- gblal

As I step up to the 

microphone, I prepare for 

my first 


”Your word is ‘Flawless’."

Definition please?



Without any blemishes or imperfections;



Alright, Flawless.

I’ll start with an 


for every 

freckle that covers my cheeks.

Continue with a


in remembrance of all the times 

I misspelled something 

in the past and then


Spewed an 


while thinking of my 


injustices, from the crinkle in my 

nose to the

inward bend of my ankles.

Then effortlessly add the 


reminding me 

of my socks, with their

weathered holes near my heels, 

not enough 

a necessity to replace.

Move on to the 


with the thought of the

5 pounds I want to 


in mind.

Add an 


for every time I was too

exuberant and 

scared someone off

just for trying too hard

too fast to jump on board.

Finishing up with 



in honor of all the times I 

sat down instead of 

standing up for what

I believe. 


As the judge nodded with approval 

and the audience clapped

as I returned to my chair,

face flush 

head full

with the thought

of how unsuitable my word was,

I realized: 

the crowd was clapping for me,

not the word.



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