I was born into a generation

A generation bred into technology

They claim we lack morals and conservation

But I believe it is an inherited ideology

They bombard us with promiscuity and violence on the big screen

They subliminally equate success with money and call it the American Dream

We are treated like God treated Adam and Eve in Eden

Presenting us with the forbidden fruit and condemning us when it is eaten

Hence we are the generation of the confused, abused and used

Whom instead of buying books wait in long queues for a new pair of shoes

And because I am now tired of the monotonousness of this verse and these rhymes

I will define my generation in the dispersing of my next lines


We are the generation that confuses lust with love

We are the generation that values money over relationships

We are them that become those that wound us

You either play or get played so we are unfaithful

We have many and don't trust any

It is sad

Because deep down

We are sad

But we are shackled to the slavery of our ignorant egos

We are the generation of degeneration


And because an apple doesnt fall too far from its tree

I am too part of this generation

I am generation z

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Our world
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