The Zodiac Disease

6 letters. 1 disease.
A disease that ravages and destroys,
leaving pain and grief in its wake,
altering lives without any warning.
Prevention is impossible. Reaction is risky.
Technology is slow. Death rates grow.
Marybeth Berry. The name of a warrior.
Sean, Devlin, Tegan, Kalyn, Tristyn, and Ashlin.
The names of her army.
One family. One disease. One mother trying to fight.
5 children trying to understand. One father trying to be brave.
Hundreds of friends affected. One community shellshocked.
How? Why? The questions race through everyone’s minds. But,
Cancer knows no discrimination, it pays no attention to race or religion.
The risk is everywhere, so how do we fight? Relay for Life.
Find the cure, let’s end this war.
Cancer. A disease. But someday,
just a zodiac sign.


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