Poems from sloppy papi

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I'm probably super fucking baked making these but follow me on insta traviss.o3
dear jordan,  i miss your fucked up eye. crispy delicious.    p.s please buy me some food. 
dear travis,  you're pretty fuckinf gay.  i hate you with a passion but that's okay.  i have noting else to say. fuk u, lol. :)
fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck  fuck you fuck youfuck youfuck youfuck youfuck...
when my meat feel lonely and needs to be beat i go online and look up some feet find some hoes with beautiful toes imagining in my head...
my gunky spunk her funky funk playing with my meat not even discreat been on streak but i cant take it  its too much wanking  all that...