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They Say Nothing Lasts Forever


I worry about what your mother said-

All that muddle of high-school friendships being simply ephemeral-

And if that’s true, it’s true.

And I know we’d carry on, but you’re so much stronger than I.

And I’d be heartbroken.

Within time, I’d get up and dust myself up.

But it would be a struggle.

It would be the Lazarus Pit.

And if it were entirely up to me, it would never ever happen.

You are honestly the best friend I’ve ever had, but if I become the sort to weigh you down, I will let go.

You mean the world to me-

And I know you know that, I’ve reiterated enough, but it is true!

I know we’ll be parted, and we’ll be busy.

You’re such a key player in how I live, and I love you for that.

Our lives are changing so rapidly, and due to so many elders’ sagely advise, I worry that in our metamorphosis we’ll shed each other.

I hope they aren’t right about this, but in case they are, that is why I reiterate!

I need you to know how amazing you are, if time ever comes that I can’t easily tell you.

I don’t want that to ever happen, but I’m neurotic enough to prepare in case.

We are Tesla and Sassafras-

We should be bound in kindredship for all eternity-

But here, like grottoville, there are evil forces.

Their names are distance and time.

Still, I feel we’re stronger together than a grand lot.

These adults probably just underestimate us.

We’ve gotten this far, while around us other great relics crumble.

And after all, people also say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

I pray wholeheartedly that’s the truth!