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Latest Poems

I dreamed last night that you had died Why had I not tried harder to bring you from that brink?   I dreamed last night you burned in flames
Like the lukewarm sun on an inclement day, It dessicates the rain that falls from these eyes, The majestic star coruscates through the...
15 Kenadee Kleeh     
In a loveless patch the seed was sown A barren field of thorn Then tears rained down from Heaven's face Where heavy hearts have scorn
【Karaoke】Cremation Song【off vocal】 No.D
Cremation Song   The joy is gradually breaking apart,  and the sadness is gradually wearing away.
Loveless - Tsuki No Curse (Violin Cover)
Moon's Curse   Moon’s Curse in this icy dream.... In a world with no words, I keep professing my love  until one day it reaches you.
The Everlasting Guilty Crown piano cover
The Everlasting Song   The world is announcing its ends.  And no one is there to stop it. It’s starting. The broken symphony is echoing...