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who are you not the name on your birth certificate  where your mother and father ( if he chooses to be around ) can say your name
                                                   Don't lose your mind .                                                  Fight for what...
Failure factures the soul Impairs the mind Injure every part of the body Failure is disgusting and dreadful   Everyone abscond from loss
Once Upon a Poem Scholarship Entry
The Tiny Kitchen Maid By Kaelynn Calac She be nimble,  she be small Her smile bright, complection dull With eyes of ice and hair of straw
  Throughout my life, supportive people were there for me Granting me with a key A key through the steel doors of reality To express my...
Why can’t a woman be a man? And why can’t a man be a woman?  
i don't need to be famously known when i say  if God is not in the forefront of a nation that's falling we're going to fall right in the...