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I'm just filling gaps, Tears to be lapped,Up by the love of material desire,A fire to be put out by the one thing we are told to leap for,...
Once upon a time when the flowers so blossomed a prince walked the fields and he thought of how awesome the birds in flight and the...
There are red rose petals on the bed. But they do not symbolize romance. They symbolize the blood that runs Through my veins.  
IMPROPERLY GIVEN! {A SAD STORY} Precious was a lady who was used to being given she demanded clothes, she was given, she demanded money,
life is but a moment
Believe in me darling, for i am your sanity A piece of tranquality in a world full of ability The hope of a nation to become one
_________________ The Lesson___________________________You were nowhereThen you were born, and you came here