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Do not let his words Condemn your worth
3 hours 52 min ago
My Responsibility to America is to abide by her laws.
3 hours 52 min ago
Your approval means nothing to me, Your opinion no longer troubles me,
3 hours 53 min ago
The only good Idanian is a dead Indain oh the unfairness of it all.
3 hours 59 min ago
I look up in the sky And I wonder why? Why is it blue, When blue means, boo-hoo
4 hours 14 min ago
Four thirty a.m my alarm starts scrreaming.  To early for birds and the sun is still sleeping.
4 hours 28 min ago
A different me Is what I wanted to be Something new that no one has seen I wanted change so I can better me. 
4 hours 51 min ago
3 boys, several eviction notices, and 1 late energy bill later, You still manage to shine like the light You are.
5 hours 9 min ago
I am spontaneous and skeptical I wonder how spontaneous is reckless
5 hours 9 min ago
She takes a small breath.  The room is silent. All is quiet, Silent as death. Hearts beats,
5 hours 32 min ago