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Have you ever been so far into the middle of nowhere that the ocean above    ---rolling and vast and navy---
2 hours 54 min ago
She woke up in a differen
2 hours 55 min ago
Each homeowner has visions for their property, but often tend not to know how you can meagrely cash their bu
2 hours 58 min ago
I get this feeling
2 hours 58 min ago
    Ominous clouds, mysterious and inviting,  
2 hours 59 min ago
Wolves feed their sheep boot heels Fatten them up and make them weak Wolves have the power
3 hours 4 min ago
when I think of blue its not the color of the sky the sadness in a song
3 hours 8 min ago
Hang on, darling    don't go punching through walls Sometimes in the dark    we easily fall  
3 hours 10 min ago
I am a Child of the Universe Full with empathy Laying on the naked heart pulsating through the Earth
3 hours 11 min ago
Daring to be Silent. - The Good & Evil of “Truth or Dare”   I am the kid who was silent.  
3 hours 18 min ago