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I hate liers Pretenders People who think they're the best Those goody-two shoe know it alls
1 hour 47 min ago
It's all fake  no one cares artaficial  all my friends don't give a fuck im bleeding but they look away
2 hours 14 min ago
The word slithers between your teeth latching onto my jacket weighing me down with the mistaken phrase
2 hours 15 min ago
A wise mentality is the best strategy No matter the occasion Even if happy or on sadly situations
3 hours 3 min ago
Get out of my face, I don't want lies laying on me. It's your story, tell it how you wanna.  
3 hours 14 min ago
Pink, Fluffy, Swirled world.   What shall we call this, This creation? A sunset.  
3 hours 28 min ago
What is supposed to be, will be Things happen for a reason, and I just have to remind myself that I will fine in the end
3 hours 33 min ago
I love you so much that it's killing me that where no longer together. I started smoking weed , drinking, LSD .
3 hours 35 min ago
The Battle Field / Dark Angel    Dark Angel my scars are still fresh, 
3 hours 38 min ago