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A reoccurring cycle of rage and agression. The rejection of sex started the issue.
32 min 33 sec ago
Muting velvet whispers of soft shadows diffusing thoughts heard murming pleas that dream breathless secerts and desiring passionate soul
35 min 34 sec ago
Heaven cleanse the earth showered by rain. Washing away death evil had slain.
42 min 50 sec ago
Beauty is the girl that has a smile on her face despite the tears she has shed.
45 min 1 sec ago
There is nothing above me but
46 min 15 sec ago
I do not know how to say it But I know I need to When I tell you do not say we are through
47 min 34 sec ago
It’s like I have two minds Not a double sided sword But two minds From negative to positive High to low
47 min 50 sec ago
9 months waiting to get a glimpse of you. Did you wonder about me too? 4 trimesters of moodswing FUN!
48 min 48 sec ago
51 min 49 sec ago
The Sun has his rays cast upon the day placing light to those Who try to escape or run a way.
55 min 51 sec ago