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I am a woman. I work hard, I crave success, I am a woman. I want a career and I'm making a life,
24 min 5 sec ago
24 min 52 sec ago
If you were a boat I mean a shell Would you be blue or purple? White with a scum line.
25 min 46 sec ago
And I said goodbye to the Saab. And my money. And I laughed. Because I'm young. And don't give a shit.
27 min 47 sec ago
Not to be or to be, is the problem. Whether or not, together and if, one
28 min 19 sec ago
Death approached me in red stilettos,
28 min 44 sec ago
Some people think that life depends on fate I believe it's all about choices The choices we make one day
30 min 11 sec ago
Resilience. The tattoo's ink is thick on my back. Shaded oar sits below, delicately shaded. They'll think its stupid. 
31 min 37 sec ago
Last time I saw grandpa   I was crying mom was crying most everyone was crying
39 min 29 sec ago
I attended my own funeral,
1 hour 40 sec ago