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Writing a poem takes time, it takes away the time you have to verbally share the words you have within you with someone who you can actua
3 hours 51 min ago
What gets me up each morning when the ol clock strikes 8 Its not my mother yelling "BREAKFAST" nor the alarm clock I hate
4 hours 24 min ago
When I'm feeling sad and a little down And I need something specail to turn it around
4 hours 28 min ago
A spoken word poem comes on my podcast in my car. It is the first I've ever heard The words are few and strong
4 hours 32 min ago
I woke up startled by my dream Lately I've been waking up filled with anxiety again I dont like going back to this
4 hours 38 min ago
She's dead and I'm gonna die And this will all come to nothing, because I don't do things half way
4 hours 50 min ago
Most peoples sun rise is at 6 AM The skies go from dark to light and you see all the bright colors start to appear
4 hours 59 min ago
Feeling blue, Only one thing to do, When I need a better mood, I watch Netflix.  
5 hours 48 min ago
I never been see like u another one I never been live Tommrow without u I never been sing a song not like for anyone
5 hours 51 min ago
5 hours 57 min ago