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Structural The federal government - corrupt. The criminal justice system - doesn't work.
3 hours 36 min ago
Her tired wings swayed into the blue, Where the feathers wither away As their presences serves to remind
3 hours 55 min ago
America the brave: We fought all the wars. The people are saved     But what was it all for?
4 hours 11 min ago
Juliet, where ever shall thee be  Romeo Juliet is in her room Well then I must goest to her 
4 hours 15 min ago
Fingers and bones pointed in all directions, Roses and crowns given to those who lie, Cheat yourself,
4 hours 23 min ago
My love for thee is deep as thee cause boy you´re worth it but your not worth it
4 hours 31 min ago
So, here we are, here’s to the death Of youth. Let us embrace this space In time, let us exhale this last breath
4 hours 37 min ago
I was on this stage not lot ago with less people  Yet suddenly their are thousands of more people
4 hours 38 min ago
We both invent the future. It is only you and me / construimos Everything Everything
4 hours 39 min ago
Spring is a cheerful And warm time  Flowers are blooming Birds are singing And having babies
5 hours 15 sec ago