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A thousand thougts race through my head. Being black and treated like an imbred. a thousand things im forced to see.
4 hours 52 min ago
Its just another day, My meals were a blur, I powered through day struggles,
5 hours 22 min ago
There is no guarantee, It's not go big or go home, It's go big or you won’t have a home
6 hours 15 min ago
This city is a wonder every night.But my favorite nights, I confessAre the evenings  full of puddles, 
6 hours 31 min ago
Me myself and i. It is just me till i die. That is how i will die
6 hours 50 min ago
More than my future. More than a dream. More than a possibility that is what my education means to me.
6 hours 55 min ago
This is why some people ran out simply not planned out for things not to pan out and all failures stand out on the edge to beg but not go
7 hours 25 min ago
To Learn Each day I'll do my best, And I won't do any less. My work will always please me,
7 hours 39 min ago
This is more of a trial than you might think (The mother in law comes to the salon first) The area closest to the church can be dangerous
7 hours 48 min ago
7 hours 50 min ago