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Im fearless and flawless with my feet on the ground And I keep going with my head in the clouds 
5 hours 8 min ago
We covered a few Phobias in part one But some people even fear the sun But we will have more fun
5 hours 27 min ago
5 hours 28 min ago
Everything and everyone can be broken down into smaller bits,
5 hours 39 min ago
One of thebest TV series It leaves me all a glow I'm buying up the DVD'S I'm up to season five
5 hours 46 min ago
6 hours 3 min ago
You don't know my life story at all,
6 hours 24 min ago
I am me I am only me, that is all that I can be No more, no less, don’t second guess
6 hours 30 min ago
6 hours 33 min ago