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What are things that you can feel, but not touch?
3 hours 26 min ago
A crumbling stone castle, situated on the edge of civilization  as they knew it sat quiet with her grief.
3 hours 48 min ago
I am sitting in a hotel room, staring at a three dollar bottle of wine when I realize that I do not have a corkscrew.
3 hours 58 min ago
17 years of love and support from the same three people. I am thankful to these people for everything they've done.
4 hours 25 min ago
Stories of princesses are told across the land far and wide Little ones’ eyes light up to the words once upon a time
4 hours 39 min ago
Some see the success   never the stress  always the hugs and cheers  never the blood and tears
5 hours 24 min ago
  Well, let us start off with an essential cliché. They are, indeed, essential, you know?
6 hours 5 min ago
Who am I?  My name is Ariel, but who am I?  I'm a mermaid and a princess lf the sea, but I'm not free.
6 hours 51 min ago
Belle & Beast: Our Happily Ever After
The Bookworm In the library, nothing is as it seems, In the world of great schemes.
6 hours 59 min ago
What does it mean to be free Is it simply to live to breath to be?  
8 hours 55 min ago