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If i was new.I'd look for blue.Mother bird a picture of you.Soft context and love that is fresh.will this ratchet be enough to make the t
3 hours 52 min ago
Our secret place, is a place far away. A place where no one else can go. A place where only you and I can be.
5 hours 20 min ago
  By Stanley Collymore   I’m not obsessed with life as the vast majority of you out there
5 hours 21 min ago
When you walk out the door, You step into the world. You walk down the street, And another, after another.
6 hours 13 min ago
1 Timothy 4:1-2 
6 hours 18 min ago
Mother's are kind and sweet, Sometimes they even tickle your feet.   They are always lovable,
6 hours 21 min ago
I heard your voice over my morning alarm. Then it was silence. I picked myself off of the hard wood floor,
6 hours 36 min ago
  Philippians 3:3-4New King James Version (NKJV)
6 hours 45 min ago
Joel 2:12  An Appeal for Repentance  
6 hours 57 min ago
i write you a letter, in a clear hand, to tell you that i am no longer willing
7 hours 42 min ago