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1 hour 5 min ago
There are spaces in-between the raindrops.    I see you in the spaces.  
1 hour 10 min ago
Life is like the sky. Somedays it's bright, when life has reached it's high. Other times it's night,
1 hour 16 min ago
So, when i first saw the contest basic requirements, i kind of took it a general statement so i wrote my poem about how awesome my fathe
1 hour 47 min ago
Sky's the Limit I know thats an idiom but... I wouldn't say anythings the limit
1 hour 59 min ago
 Dear Ana
2 hours 5 min ago
even with all this time you've been on my mind mama some nights I fall asleep drenched in sweat from
2 hours 13 min ago
Apparition upon pristine country, Without contents in the empty gray pack. Music in the presence of the low star,
2 hours 17 min ago
2 hours 59 min ago
Lets take a ride, into this beautiful clear sky I see the moon, and a billion stars too.
3 hours 6 min ago