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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.

Power is strength Strength is numbers
3 hours 20 min ago
you used to run through my veins and fill them with love / I was so high that when I fell / I pulled the world down
3 hours 23 min ago
Rain is like A sad girl
3 hours 24 min ago
A heavenly body Beholding it's magnificent
3 hours 28 min ago
I am a body. I have hair and skin.
3 hours 40 min ago
You want me to tell my storyThe story that'll never be accurately told by youThe story that I have to live and die with
3 hours 41 min ago
So much you can see from the eyes of me, The real and fake of our society, How beautiful to them is perfection,
3 hours 41 min ago
I don't want to just be heard I just want you to feel quiet and alone When you read the words I'm willing to print
3 hours 42 min ago
I once knew a man that grew a shoe In place called monty lue That looked like a plant
3 hours 43 min ago
Eyes closed, though even so seeing that which is so beautifully, magnificently whole. Rising from raised arch,
3 hours 44 min ago