Details of the Infinity Knightfall

What I leave behind is misguided tears,

Questions left unanswered, unspoken thoughts after all these years

A cliché dark blue sky masked with rain, met with a few mourning peers.

A mere boy finally cracked and broken, I couldn’t run from my fears.

Ambien flies through my veins, my heart stops and my brain becomes clear.


The driver was drunk, high off booze.

She didn’t see his truck swerve, leaving her life totaled and bruised.

It was the hardest phone call of my life the next morning, I didn’t believe the news.

I should have been the one, God; it wasn’t her life to choose.

“There has been a fatal car crash, the victim… your Rose Hughes.”


I ran out to a party for a drink or two, after a bitter fight.

Vision impaired, words slurred hours later, I needed a ride.

I scroll through my phone, bony fingers trembling to dial,

My guardian angel, soul mate and friend, why had I been so vile?

I pleaded, “Baby can we talk later, I’d rather not stumble home a mile.”


She was anguished driving over, to pick me up persuaded by my words,

Was tragically when her life ended, her body mangled and severed into thirds.

Which is why, under that dark blue sky, my limp and cold body lay,

I hope you forgive me for everything, each night I pray and pray.

My heart beat slows, and I’m on my way, to hold your warm arms once more intending to stay.