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Sun, 04/14/2013 - 16:09 -- Jnebz


United States
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(poems go here) Dang Girl... You thick.

Dang girl, You thick.
Because real women have curves.
I am mountains and valleys.
Sunrise and sunset body that is TOO big to fit in a 8” by 11” tabloid.
I am real.
Lieutenant of the itty bitty titty
But ambassador of booty judy.
I am made from hips and thighs of my ladyforbearers
That have pieced me together.
Proud of the curvature and indentation of my body that tells a generational story.
I am, can not wear those size “0” skinny jeans because my legs can’t be contained.
A figure to dynamic, to conform into perpetuated stereotypes of society’s imagination.
I am woman.
Dang girl... You thick.



I wrote this a year ago and performed it for a show at my high school. I believe every type of body is beauty. I'm just tired of the bigger, thicker, curvier girls being put down because of how beautiful they are.People fear what they don't know or understand, but they shouldn't. The human form is beautiful.