Holy Matrimony


United States
29° 39' 45.7992" N, 95° 22' 41.7036" W

I once wish upon the shiniest star hoping it could take me away
To be the best that you can has long since hit the fan its over can’t you see?
Oh but there always that one who fights to the end and never gives up on a try
Who commends the fact that you broken and knows that you are wishing to see brighter skies
My night and shining armor who keep my soul from going under providing light through the dares trails
Calling my name from a far just to be where you are would be a blessing and I long to be there
If only I could get past the deception and lay hold of the right prospective call upon your name in truth
Reminiscing about the days where we both would stay up to play and you’d tell me just trust in you
If I could grasp a concept so simple and get past my on hurt to tell you how much I’m in need
Of a Savior who willing to deal with these hurt feelings and past regrets that put me to shame
Who art thou I asked only to face the stained glassed and know that only troubles lie ahead
Where are you lost one the battle is yet won if you only give love another try
I’ve been to hell and back and you want me to go back what kind of a heaven is this?
Afraid to endure the pain and give glory to your name I’m just not up to the test
Why me I would asked and what reason is behind this task so grand for little ole me
Give up a voice calls yet this time it is small seems as I I’m getting past it yet
Wait up I hear them yell neither of us wants to go to Hell, but the road that we take is uneasy
It’s filled with hurt and with pain with lives lost with little friends gain can this be the way
Far from ideal this ordeal not the norm at the least but if it’s one filled with peace sign me up
I’ve seen the truth of this age and its ending is quite the same utter despair and loneliness
But I’ll strive to get there if I’m left with nothing to wear, my white robe will be all I need
Given by him that has called wanting me to accept him in his all joining hands in holy matrimony