Thriving on fire,
I'll never tire,
Set on revenge,
I'll keep going on.

Anger is where I'll beat you every time,
Anger is the fire that burns inside.
It consumes the mind,
I don't know how much longer I can hide it.

Grit your teeth,
Smile and nod,
Clench your fists,
And pray to God.

Struck a match with all your lies,
Ignited the flame,
Began a deadly game,
Boy, I'll put you to shame!

I've never felt so much rage, 
Never been so caged.
The animistic urge to attack,
To bite hard and fight back.

Can anybody hear my cry?
Nobody can stop me now, 
This is it,
I want to watch you die!

Go on and stomp it out,
Punch the wall,
Cuss out loud,
Jump up and down.


Anger is where I'll beat you every time.
Take a bow,
It's over now,
And you're six feet underground.


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