I look into the mirror and I don't see myself
I see words spread across my face
I see all others looking back
But me I see statistics showing that bullying has
Become a huge problem but how huge?
So huge that you get swapped into the shadows?
So huge that it becomes a black hole?
Did you know that black holes tare apart light?
But in this midset I have no light to see
I have kindness tattooed in invisible ink
On every inch of my body and I lack
The special light to make myself glow
People killin' people dien' children
Hurt and you hear them cryin'
Could you practice what you preach or
Would you turn the other cheek
Father, father, father help us
Send some guidance from up
Above cause pee got me got me
Questioning where is the love?
What would you do if you saw
The new kid getting shoved into the locker?
Saw the person who goes to feh thrift shop
Getting laughed at and mocked?
Treat them like your sister
Like your cousin like your best friend
Or treat them like your brother
Some don't have mothers some dont
Have fathers but that's nothing to
Laugh at if you are in so much pain
How does me jointing you make
The world any different the world
Would be a big pit of pain
I will help myself get up and anyone
Else who needs me cause I've been
There and done that I wish
That pain on no one else
I know it's hard but try to be better
Then those who hurt you step
Into the light that makes you
Glow with kindness

Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing

i read other poet's who reflected their poem on bullying

its an ongoing issue that needs to stop because it changes an individual's life and may cause damage to a person

this needs to be address to where bullying ends

great job

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