Do You Really Know?

A girl is made fun of because she's bigger than most girls in her class, she is nice and quiet,and she is clumsy.
This girl is big because she's always had weight problems and can't help her weight no matter how much she tried.
She's nice because she has a past of being mean and being mean almost cost her everything.
She's quiet because she doesn't like talking about people. She understands how much words can hurt. She observes and makes comments when needed.
She's clumsy because she can't help herself.
But while your talking about her, did you know she's extremely self-conscious, clinically depressed, and has a sick mother with a dying grandfather? She has to go to a place everyday that reminds her of the place where she was raped and stalked. While your talking about her, do you really know her?
After knowing this about her, are you bold enough to still make jokes about her. Think about who you could be affecting before you talk about them.

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