The Fool Am I


This world is bitter cruel
And I was a fool
A fool to think I could change a world of cold
That I could change it into something bold

Your misguided ways
Have damned us for the rest of your days
And a fool I am
So a fool, I'll be damn

To think I could change a world infected with hate
That has affected our fate
To be lost and damned is your debate
But the higher beings have us in check and mate

I had a dream once ago
That we lived in a place so
Were no one was judged
Were no one held a grudge

In a world that was okay to make mistakes
in a world s fake, that can easily break
with every move we make
In this land that God forsake

It's sick to see people treat other with cruelness
and then turn and treat others with the up most kindness
And they say people hate when there is no room for love
Turning others from the purest of white into black dove

Looking around you, love for a friend
Hatred for another's end
I was a fool to think we could be 
Something more, something free

Free from the chains
Free from the judgment that reigns

And when they start to judge you
Show them your true colors
And do onto others
As you would have done to you

You just have to rise above this
Kill them with your kindness
Their ignorance is blindness
They're the ones who can't stand to lose

I'm angry because I forgive you
I angry because of you too
Cause I knew
This world could be nothing new

I am damned to watch a friend
Bring themselves to their end
because they couldn't defend
All the Hatred you twist and bend

I've lost three too many
One with a gun and a bullet of plenty
One with a rope so tight
And one jumping into a short flight

All because of your mocking tone
A head of blood blown
All thanks to your taunting
Nothing left but your true haunting

Now I look at all of you
Because I am too damned by you

You twisted a friends mind
So you could forever bind
Them to your rule
because your game is cruel

You sent away a brother
for your love of another
And let him be killed
So you let your shame build

Now a mother forced
To watch her own son be killed
Because he wasn't born right
with nowhere to go, nothing in sight

I knew love in the purest state
but out of jealousy you chose a new fate
And the pity you took on him
has left him wounded to the brim

So I am damned for life
And as I hang here, take this knife
And end a life who spoke for the free
End my life for everyone to see

I spoke for the broken
And I spoke for the dead to make them awoken
So slaughter me here
As I shed my final tear

I can only say
That I forgive you today
and that forever is made
My word to never fade

My memories can be killed
But my words stay built
For all the outcast
I will save you from their blast

But Forgive me for trying
And Forgive me for all my friends dying
I am angry because I forgive you
I wish you only knew

Knew of the world I see
A place where we are all free
Where we are equal to be
A place not just for me

But when that happens, I'll be gone
All the pain you suffered was wrong
And whatever is left of me
I will cast my final words into the sea

I see a beautiful world
This world is all swirled
In the words of me
This place you need to see

So I forgive you
I hope after I go, this world will be new
Because I knew
My dream is and forever will be true.





Guide that inspired this poem: 


Wonderless Dreamer

I just really like all the emotions and meaning behind each verse

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