To Her

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 01:11 -- katsoo

To the girl from two years ago,

You do not need to be afraid,

For there are worse things to fear

Than the darkness that shows

In the middle of the day.

Those children who mock and jeer

Will become nothing in comparison

To the elegant, towering flower

You will grow to be.

You do not need to run,

For those in seats of power

Will never be able to see

Their faults and broken lines,

Thus they will fall apart

Like porcelain dolls in a quake.

You are going to be fine,

For you have a strong heart

And you will not break.

To the girl from two years ago,

Yes, do not be afraid.

For there is nothing to fear

So do not let your worries show;

Continue to go about your day.

From the girl you will become

In two years’ time.

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