I am BreeannaI was young


I am Breeanna
I was young and clueless 
I took care of special needs twins 
Those twins are my little brother and sister, they are my world.
Our mother is not mentally well.
I watched her lose her mind.
I watched my mother get drunk and high.
I tended to the babies when the would cry
I did all these things until I was thirteen.
That is when my mother decided she no longer needed me.
She kicked me out and did not care who it hurt.
I felt more worthless then dirt.
I ached for my little brother and sister.
I was embraced by my step mother 
My new mother loved me how I should be loved
She loved me as her own
She encouraged me to be my own person.
This new mother became my hero
While I had this love
I still had deamons 
I had an eating disorder that refused to go away
I had a small town watching every move the new girl made
I wanted to be good
I wanted to be succesful 
I became a cheerleader
I joined a teen substance abuse prevention group
I became an actress
I began to like myself 
I grew as a person more and more
Until my virtue was stolen from me, as a sophomore.
I hated myself
I blamed myself
I degraded myself.
It took me a year to realize it wasn't my fault.
It was my senior summer and the bullying began.
I was bullied for being gay
I was given dirty looks
I was picked on even after school started
I was then bullied on social media.
I broke, I simply broke.
I tried to end my life with some simple cuts.
Until one day I stood up to one of the many who picked on me.
I showed him, he no longer had anything ove me.
He deleted the posts.
I deleted my sorrows.
I began to stand up for everyone who had been bullied
I began to realize it was up to ME, to accept myself for who I am.
I am the girl who is going to be succesful
I am the girl who is going off to a University, and is going to find her own group of people.
I am the girl who has been through hell and back and still smiles everyday. 
I want to become a speech therapist, so children like my brother and sister can express themselves too!
I am the girl who finds life beautiful.
I am a fighter
I will never give up 
I am Breeanna
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