I Know How it Feels


United States
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I know how it feels,
To wake up in the morning and not know the deal.
Wondering if your dreams will ever come true,
Or if all your efforts will just fall through
Fall through the cracks on the path of reality,
Or build it up like muscle from insanity.
Can’t even tell what’s actually happening,
All that I know is that my life is baffling.
All My friends just left me in the dust
And within them I put all my trust.
I try my best, I really do
To be a great friend, but it's people like you
who leave me hanging, even though I try
to be there for you and let you rely.
But in my time of need, everyone ignored me.
Needed a friend through my chemo-therapy,
Needed a friend through my parents’ divorce,
Needed a friend through all that, of course.
But no one stuck around for me
Thinking I’m pathetic and a little wanna-be
Going out of your way just to ignore me
Controlling me with words,
forcing me into actions,
feeling like I have no worth,
feeling like I'm just a fraction
of the person I used to be.
You used me up,
you threw me down.
Getting me all dressed up,
and then kicking me to the ground.
I learned to love you,
but you turned me away.
you had no words to say
you had no dues to pay,
no prayers to pray,
and no desires to stay.
Through time and effort,
I stuck by your side
but you threw me to die.
You say I'm pathetic
You say I dint understand,
You tried to stand on your own two feet,
but I lended a helping hand.
You then abandoned me,
with hearts melted into ore from pure steel.
I don't think you ever knew,
but I know how it feels.


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