Love from My King


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I was not, am not know for being kind

Instead they called me sassy and paid me no mind Others were and are known for their heartsEven the fake ones had compliments filling their chartsAnd yes I was competitive and smartBut at the end of the day dreams of valedictorian would quickly departThe only good thing, the only console I have left is the fact that They are not the ones that control my breathThey do not know me They also don't own me Jesus Christ is the reason that I sing He's the one who calls me precious and he is my KingWhen I am down he lifts me upIt sure seems simple enough  Whether it was singing praises in the shower or talking to my momThat's how He helped diffuse this emotional bombDeep down inside of me I was ready to explodeI was being served up lies all al la modeInstead He would remind me I was made out of goldHe warmed my heart that used to be coldI am precious in his sight so there is no reason to deny That Those other girls and those other guysThey were not what I was living forThey shouldn't have been filling my mind There is something so much greater for me that He has designedYet I was trapped and started to sinkWhy did I care so much about what others might think All the loneliness inside had brought me to the brinkBut no one even knew I was stuck in a bubble ready to burst throughI was crying out for love and affection which He gave Not the type of romance with names such as baeBut daughter of the King, love from someone that I wanted to obeyIn a world full of turmoil and trouble It's so easy to lose yourself in the rubbleBut It was also easy to see who loved me for meIt all came down to Christ, close friends and familyMany people get lost in a sea of shining stars But beautiful and wonderfully created, that's who you areToday I am proud of who I've becomeWhen people comment on my sarcasm I don't become glumIt's part of who I am, but that's not where it endsI am loving, compassionate, helpful, and a really nice friendDon't let others define you, that's not what you were created forTo be loved and share love is what's at my core

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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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