Mr. Brown

I get up too late, and I head to the classroom
I'm wondering why I'm wasting my time.
Every day at school they all laugh at me
They say Charlie Brown you're such a tragedy.
Always Picking on me in the parking lot...

Just shallow your pride don't cough it up.

They say that I am an outcast, punching me outside of class.
They point fingers and say how will he outlast?
The teacher's very omnipotent but he is so ignorant.
I am always stuck in these incidents
If hatred is the proof I can show you this evidence...
And that's the type of world that all these kids are living in.Lyrics from: l ]

So I tell them hit the road
Why are you coming at me for?
To all the people that hear me
You could win the fight.
But no matter where the wind blows
Nothing ever goes my way.

They won't stop chasing me anyway.
This dark cloud, follows me everyday.

But I won't be my own worst enemy
They can't bring me down.

I AM Charlie Brown! 


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