Opened Minded 1/10/12


United States
43° 58' 56.388" N, 75° 40' 2.4816" W

Judgers rip me open like a patient during surgery. My glands, brains, and heart exposed, I'm vulnerable, they make me feel vulnerable, completely helpless and useless. The only way I can escape is by screaming and being mean because I know I can't beat them. I don't want to be their buddy or their friend. I'm not gonna be nice just so you can walk over me. I've become a monster, and I'm evil in my own unique way. What is this pain coming over me? Is it my fault, or did you cut me deeper? I can never understand, why? Why must you make me hurt just to cover yourself and make an alibi for yourself. Stand away for your sake because I won't bow down anymore!!!


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