Owl and Mouse


United States
36° 37' 17.7528" N, 76° 13' 29.0532" W

There once was an owl and a mouse.
They lived in a barn, not a house,
With cows, horses, ducks, and sheep,
Some chickens, two cats, and a large hay heap.
The owl was ancient, noble, and wise,
With his great, strong talons and brilliant, gold eyes.
Now, the mouse was new and just moved in.
He wanted a place away from his kin.
Leaving behind the city lights,
The sewer rats, and the alley fights,
He found a new place, cozy and warm,
Full of new friends and far from harm.
In the beginning, things went quite fair.
There was plenty of room and food to share.
Each animal worked, no matter how small,
To do their part for the good of all.
But, the new mouse was lazy, selfish and rude.
He refused to do chores and ate all the food.
The animals warned him, “We must be a team,
Or the owl may not be as nice as he seems.”
The mouse didn't listen, “I’ll do what I please!”
And jumped into bed with a big hunk of cheese.
When the owl returned and saw chores left undone,
He said “I’ll put an end to all mouse fun.”
He swooped down on the mouse and gave him a fright
And gobbled him down in one single bite.
So our lesson to all the kids in the house,
Is never to be an ignoramouse.


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