The Reasons

Here it comes
Then there it goes
It came into my life when I needed it most

Doctors express ways to deal with my issues
Thinking poetry would fit me
My thoughts telling me different
Not even able to rhyme ever

I tried and tried
My thinking over powering my creativity
Throwing the paper to the ground
Telling myself I would never try it again

That was until my senior year
High school and drama
Teachers and craziness
Everyone but no one was normal

English was my best, but also my worse
She never gave up on me
Encouraging me to write how I felt if I couldn't speak it
That's where my love began

Never stopping when I began
Feeling the pencil in my grasp
Letting the tears run my face seeing the beauty I wrote
It never ended; I didn't want it to end

Poems give me peace
An outlet to a different world
Letting my imagination soar like an eagle
Letting feelings roam like a lion

Never regretting starting again
A work of art
My new passion
My new best friend


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