How do you feel when you think there’s just no hope

And you are in a total mess, you can’t just cope

All heads turn towards you with accusation

While you hang up yours in failure and desperation


When the truth you believed becomes only a lie

When everything around you wants to make you cry

When a best friend you believed became a foe

And let you down, down so low


When the warmest of the hearts turned into ice

When you feel you just can’t stand the raging skies

You find yourself lost in the sea of despair

With no one to hold your hand or answer your prayer


When the waves of sorrow come crashing upon you

The chances of your survival are alarmingly few

When you’re thrown into the dungeons of pain

That’s certain to drive you totally insane



Then just stand up to it, show your might,

Show the world you were absolutely right

Don’t be a coward, get forward with courage

You don’t need anyone’s support or any patronage


Lift up your head; be proud of your failure

Prove the contrary to everyone’s censure

Bring up the truth before the lie

Stand up to those who made you cry


To counter the stoned hearts, turn yours into ice

Be prepared to brave the tempest of the skies

Be a lone ranger, find your destiny

And give back people a share of their profiny


Stand up to the waves and endure the pain

You efforts shall then, never go in vain

Wake up! Fill in some unbeatable courage

For you are the captain of your life’s voyage..

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Our world


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