I carve into the soft flesh of my forearm

Watching the skin break, and the blood starts seeping

Feel the sticky wet stain my sleeve

Feel my anxiety calm

Feel the chaos of my mind subside

I feel nothing but the dull throbbing of an open wound

The warm, wet, stickiness of blood

I look over my arm

Admiring my many scars

Some healed, some scabs, some raw and bleeding

My battle wounds

Evidence of the war i'm fighting

Of the demons that are invading my soul

Self inflicted scars

To numb the pain of mental scars

I hurt myself because other people hurt me

I feel guilty

Upset with myself for being so weak

For letting myself down like this

Anxiety kicks in

Tears threaten to fall

My head starts racing

So i cut again

And again

And again

Deeper and deeper i go

Because i have to numb the pain

Open wounds

Bleeding out guilt 

Bleeding out pain

Open wounds

That will soon be scars. 

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Our world


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