La Boca

the mouth

Mi Boca

My mouth

I speak but I am hushed

Callate me dicen

No one should be allowed to speak 

 tienes poder

Lo tienes?

Do you have power?


tienes dinero

Lo tienes?

Do you have the money?


no soy un corrupto

no tengo el dinero ni el poder

Pero tengo mi voz.


I have that voice.

You can tell me to shut up

You can take away my rights

You can attack me



I won't hush down

I will speak

Con mi Voz

Our entire way of life we have been restricted and limited to what we can do and say

open minds

Habre las mentes de las gentes que han sido calladas

One shouldn’t be told how to think but taught the very aspects of how they have a voice, that they should apply it into real-world problems and their voices are the solutions
When one speaks up they can influence and when one influences they can motivate and change lives
usa tu voz

every race, ethnic group, color, and gender have a voice and should use it in order to go against those who wish to oppress us and restrict us from our rights

Use your voice

Habre tu boca no te quedes callado






This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Hi guys! A little more about me and why I wrote this :)

Speech. A fundamental first amendment right. A right that reinforces all the other human rights, allowing our society to grow and expand. Enabling the expression of our opinions by having a direct interaction with others in order to deliver our message and bring about change to society. Over time I have learned to acquire the art of oratory. Through this form of public speaking, I’ve been able to utilize persuasion in order to convey my views. This enabled me to publicly present formal speeches and have a connection with people’s feelings to then display my beliefs. I’ve been given the opportunity to demonstrate my love for public speaking in various scenarios from youth empowerment speeches in the Rotary 4-way Test to the Optimist Speech. My passion for oratory grew over the years, alongside it my interest in law and politics expanded. Academically, I’ve devoted my time to learning about equal rights as I become vulnerable when I see many racial minorities going through adversities. Fighting for human rights has been something I’ve always aspired to. Due to this, I want to be the voice many don’t have and fight for their rights.

Need to talk?

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