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(poems go here) Bullying is one if the biggest problem our world is facing today. I hate when people are being bully are other just stop and stare and never do anything to help. Kids just say I was just playing but, what they don’t understand is that words hurt. Words have a great impact on kid’s life. At sucks a young age anything that other say will stay in their hearts. Kids try to please other and forget about them self. This should never happen in under any circumstances. As children growing up the first thing that a parent should talk about is bullying just showing kids that we’re all the same. No one is better than others. Just because other can’t read or can’t write as well as other doesn't mean their less or should be treated like if they were trash. There so many stories of how teens commit suicide or even try. Well I say stop to bullying. We must learn how to love each other and have respect for others. But what people so times don’t know is that most bully don’t have the perfect life and that’s a way them stopping their pan by making fun of others. I have a friend that he was bullied as a teen when I talk to him he tells me I’m mean to other because they did the same thing to me. I try talking to him to learn how to forgive. For him that’s not the essay thing to do. He was never told that everything was going to be okay. For him his life was just being bullied. With me writing this paper is trying to be a voice for those who have or are being bully. Our society needs to learn how terrible bullying is. Just look around us there is so much hate in this world. Our society likes to copy what other do, so why can’t they copy the good things. A kid always does what he sees so if they see the good they would do the same. Us teens need to learn how to lover our self’s .if we don’t no one will. Be yourself walk with your head held high not carrying what others think, just what’s in your heart.


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