Tears on Paper


United States
33° 52' 46.1352" N, 117° 59' 21.588" W

My only friend at this point seems to be a simple journal I write on every night. I will finish my last page today as a goodbye to my existence:

Dear Friend,

Beneath it all, the scars and bruises are burning inside like flames. Then I ask do they ever heal? It is an everlasting pain from a person I am afraid of- an intimidating bully. I am not like I used to be, I am living a life full of hidden fear. I rather die than walk the shoes of a torturing road. And so I cannot continue, these scars and bruises seem to never heal…

But wait! A voice nags me that my duty is not done here. So I lock away my suicidal thoughts in a box.
For I must keep going forward until hope knocks on my door again. After all, these tears I shed on paper will dry and a new page will console my loneliness. I ask not for the bully to disappear but to accept me for who I am. Maybe, one day God brings me the happiness I desire, so I hold on to Earth until I no longer shed tears on these words.


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