With Time

Thu, 05/22/2014 - 19:06 -- pr266


Overly concerned with imperfections,

I couldn't bear my own reflection.

I was slowly coming apart at the seams.

I was struggling with low self-esteem.


As I ponder and start to recall,

Tenth Grade was perhaps the worst year of all.

I was self-conscious and apprehensive,

For instance, in my writing elective.


I wrote about an incident

Of emotional imprisonment.

Cruel kids caused me a world of damage,

A world that was too hard to manage.


I chose not to share my writing,

Nor reveal the feelings I was hiding.

I didn't want my peers to see

That particular side of me.

For being happy beyond comprehension.


I've always gotten a great deal of attention

I enjoyed being perceived this way,

So I forced myself to pretend each day.


The person that I had become,

She let herself be overcome

By nonsense running through her mind,

A past she couldn't leave behind.


I carry a heavy past on my shoulders

That will get lighter as I grow older.

At times I ask, is something wrong?

Is it supposed to take this long?


My experiences have helped me discover

That if I ever plan to fully recover,

I must leave things the way they are,

Just sit back and let Time take charge.


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